Where and how Kueue is used

Below is a list of organizations that use Kueue in production along with the integrations they use. If you are using Kueue, feel free to open a pull request to add your organization to the list.


Organization Type Description Integrations Contact
CyberAgent, Inc. End User On-premise ML Platform batch/job
DaoCloud, Inc. End User Part of the AI Platform for managing all kinds of Jobs. batch/job
WattIQ, Inc. End User SaaS/IoT product batch/job
Horizon, Inc. End User AI training platform batch/job
FAR AI End User AI alignment research nonprofit batch/job @rhaps0dy
Shopee, Inc. End User Training/batch inference/data processe in AI platform test env Customized job
Mondoo, Inc. End User Helps power Mondoo’s hosted security scanner batch/job @jaym
Google Cloud Provider Part of kit for training ML workloads on TPUs JobSet @mrozacki


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