Admission Check

A mechanism allowing internal or external components to influence the timing of workloads admission.

AdmissionChecks are a mechanism that allows Kueue to consider additional criteria before admitting a Workload. When a ClusterQueue has AdmissionChecks configured, each of the checks has to provide a positive signal to the Workload before it can be Admitted.


You can configure the mechanism using the following components:

Admission Check

Admission check is a non-namespaced API object used to define details about an AdmissionCheck like:

  • controllerName - It’s an identifier for the controller that processes this AdmissionCheck, not necessarily a Kubernetes Pod or Deployment name. Cannot be empty.
  • retryDelayMinutes - Specifies how long to keep the workload suspended after a failed check (after it transitioned to False). After that the check state goes to “Unknown”. The default is 15 min.
  • parameters - Identifies an additional resource providing additional parameters for the check.

An AdmissionCheck object looks like the following:

kind: AdmissionCheck
  name: prov-test
  retryDelayMinutes: 15
    kind: ProvisioningRequestConfig
    name: prov-test-config

ClusterQueue admissionChecks

Once defined, an AdmissionCheck can be referenced in the ClusterQueues' spec. All Workloads associated with the queue need to be evaluated by the AdmissionCheck’s controller before being admitted. Similarly to ResourceFlavors, if an AdmissionCheck is not found or its controller has not marked it as Active, the ClusterQueue will be marked as Inactive.


AdmissionCheckState is the way the state of an AdmissionCkeck for a specific Workload is tracked.

AdmissionCheckStates are listed in the Workload’s .status.admissionCheckStates field.

The status of a Workload that has pending AdmissionChecks looks like the following:

  - lastTransitionTime: "2023-10-20T06:40:14Z"
    message: ""
    name: sample-prov
    - annotations: job-prov-job-9815b-sample-prov
      name: main
    state: Ready

A list of states being maintained in the Status of all the monitored Workloads.

Kueue ensures that the list of the Workloads AdmissionCheckStates is in sync with the list of its associated ClusterQueue, Kueue adds new checks with the Pending state.

  • Once a workload has QuotaReservation and all its AdmissionChecks are in “Ready” state it will become Admitted.
  • If at least one of the Workloads AdmissionCheck is in the Retry state.
    • If Admitted the workload is evicted.
    • If the workload has QuotaReservation it will be release released.
  • If at least one of the Workloads AdmissionCheck is in the Rejected:
    • If Admitted the workload is evicted.
    • If the workload has QuotaReservation it will be release released.
    • The workload is marked as ‘Finished’ with a relevant failure message.

Admission Check Controller

Is a component that monitors Workloads maintaining the content of its specific admissionCheckStates and the Active condition of the AdmissionChecks it’s controlling. The logic for how an AdmissionCheck changes states is not part of Kueue.

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