Admission Check

Mechanism allowing internal or external components to influence the workload’s admission.

AdmissionChecks are a mechanism that allows Kueue to consider additional criteria before admitting a Workload. After Kueue has reserved quota for a Workload, Kueue runs all the admission checks configured in the ClusterQueue concurrently. Kueue can only admit a Workload when all of the AdmissionChecks have provided a positive signal for the Workload.


AdmissionCheck is a non-namespaced API object used to define details about an admission check:

  • controllerName - identifies the controller that processes the AdmissionCheck, not necessarily a Kubernetes Pod or Deployment name. Cannot be empty.
  • retryDelayMinutes (deprecated) - specifies how long to keep the workload suspended after a failed check (after it transitioned to False). After that the check state goes to “Unknown”. The default is 15 min.
  • parameters - identifies a configuration with additional parameters for the check.

An AdmissionCheck object looks like the following:

kind: AdmissionCheck
  name: prov-test
    kind: ProvisioningRequestConfig
    name: prov-test-config


Once defined, an AdmissionCheck can be referenced in the ClusterQueue’s spec. All Workloads associated with the queue need to be evaluated by the AdmissionCheck’s controller before being admitted. Similarly to ResourceFlavors, if an AdmissionCheck is not found or its controller has not marked it as Active, the ClusterQueue will be marked as Inactive.

There are two ways of referencing AdmissionChecks in the ClusterQueue’s spec:

  • .spec.admissionChecks - is the list of AdmissionChecks that will be run for all Workloads submitted to the ClusterQueue
  • .spec.admissionCheckStrategy - wraps the list of admissionCheckStrategyRules that give you more flexibility. It allows you to both run an AdmissionCheck for all Workloads or to associate an AdmissionCheck with a specific ResourceFlavor. To specify ResourceFlavors that an AdmissionCheck should run for use the admissionCheckStrategyRule.onFlavors field, and if you want to run AdmissionCheck for all Workloads, simply leave the field empty.

Only one of the above-mentioned fields can be specified at the time.


Using .spec.admissionChecks
kind: ClusterQueue
  name: "cluster-queue"
  - sample-prov
Using .spec.admissionCheckStrategy
kind: ClusterQueue
  name: "cluster-queue"
    - name: "sample-prov"           # Name of the AdmissionCheck to be run
      onFlavors: ["default-flavor"] # This AdmissionCheck will only run for Workloads that use default-flavor
    - name: "sample-prov-2"         # This AdmissionCheck will run for all Workloads regardless of a used ResourceFlavor


An AdmissionCheckState is the representation of the AdmissionCheck’s state for a specific Workload. AdmissionCheckStates are listed in the Workload’s .status.admissionCheckStates field.

AdmissionCheck can be in one of the following states:

  • Pending - the check still hasn’t been performed/hasn’t finished
  • Ready - the check has passed
  • Retry - the check cannot pass at the moment, it will back off (possibly allowing other to try, unblock quota) and retry.
  • Rejected - the check will not pass in the near future. It is not worth to retry.

The status of a Workload that has Pending AdmissionChecks is similar to the following:

  - lastTransitionTime: "2023-10-20T06:40:14Z"
    message: ""
    name: sample-prov
    - annotations: job-prov-job-9815b-sample-prov
      name: main
    state: Pending

Kueue ensures that the list of the Workload’s AdmissionCheckStates is in sync with the list of the Workload’s ClusterQueue. When a user adds a new AdmissionCheck, Kueue adds it to the Workload’s AdmissionCheckStates with the Pending state. If a Workload is admitted, adding a new AdmissionCheck does not evict the Workload.

Admitting Workload with AdmissionChecks

Once a Workload has QuotaReservation condition set to True, and all of its AdmissionChecks are in Ready state the Workload will become Admitted.

If any of the Workload’s AdmissionCheck is in the Retry state:

  • If Admitted the Workload is evicted - Workload will have an Evicted condition in workload.Status.Condition with AdmissionCheck as a Reason
  • If the Workload has QuotaReservation it will be released.
  • Event EvictedDueToAdmissionCheck is emitted

If any of the Workload’s AdmissionCheck is in the Rejected state:

  • Workload is deactivated - workload.Spec.Active is set to False
  • If Admitted the Workload is evicted - Workload has an Evicted condition in workload.Status.Condition with InactiveWorkload as a Reason
  • If the Workload has QuotaReservation it will be released.
  • Event AdmissionCheckRejected is emitted

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