Local Queue

A namespaced resource that groups closely related workloads belonging to a single tenant.

A LocalQueue is a namespaced object that groups closely related Workloads that belong to a single namespace. A namespace is typically assigned to a tenant (team or user) of the organization. A LocalQueue points to one ClusterQueue from which resources are allocated to run its Workloads.

A LocalQueue definition looks like the following:

apiVersion: kueue.x-k8s.io/v1beta1
kind: LocalQueue
  namespace: team-a 
  name: team-a-queue
  clusterQueue: cluster-queue 

Users submit jobs to a LocalQueue, instead of to a ClusterQueue directly. Tenants can discover which queues they can submit jobs to by listing the local queues in their namespace. The command is similar to the following:

kubectl get -n my-namespace localqueues
# Alternatively, use the alias `queue` or `queues`
kubectl get -n my-namespace queues

queue and queues are aliases for localqueue.

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