Workload Priority Class

A priority class which value is utilized by Kueue controller and is independent from pod’s priority.

A WorkloadPriorityClass allows you to control the Workload’s priority without affecting the pod’s priority. This feature is useful for these cases:

  • want to prioritize workloads that remain inactive for a specific duration
  • want to set a lower priority for development workloads and higher priority for production workloads

A sample WorkloadPriorityClass looks like the following:

kind: WorkloadPriorityClass
  name: sample-priority
value: 10000
description: "Sample priority"

WorkloadPriorityClass objects are cluster scoped, so they can be used by a job in any namespace.

How to use WorkloadPriorityClass on Jobs

You can specify the WorkloadPriorityClass by setting the label

apiVersion: batch/v1
kind: Job
  name: sample-job
  labels: user-queue sample-priority

Kueue generates the following Workload for the Job above. The PriorityClassName field can accept either PriorityClass or WorkloadPriorityClass name as a value. To distinguish, when using WorkloadPriorityClass, a priorityClassSource field has the value. When using PriorityClass, a priorityClassSource field has the value.

kind: Workload
  name: job-sample-job-7f173
  priorityClassName: sample-priority
  priority: 10000
  queueName: user-queue

For other job frameworks, you can set WorkloadPriorityClass using the same label. The Following is an example of MPIJob.

kind: MPIJob
  name: pi
  labels: user-queue sample-priority

The relationship between pod’s priority and workload’s priority

When creating a Workload for a given job, Kueue considers the following scenarios:

  1. A job specifies both WorkloadPriorityClass and PriorityClass
  • WorkloadPriorityClass is used for the workload’s priority.
  • PriorityClass is used for the pod’s priority.
  1. A job specifies only WorkloadPriorityClass
  • WorkloadPriorityClass is used for the workload’s priority.
  • WorkloadPriorityClass is not used for pod’s priority.
  1. A job specifies only PriorityClass
  • PriorityClass is used for the workload’s priority and pod’s priority.

In certain job frameworks, there are CRDs that:

  • Define multiple pod specs, where each can have their own pod priority, or
  • Define the overall pod priority in a dedicated field. By default kueue will take the PriorityClassName of the first PodSet having one set, however the integration of the CRD with Kueue can implement JobWithPriorityClass interface to change this behavior. You can read the code for each job integration to learn how the priority class is obtained.

Where workload’s priority is used

The priority of workloads is used for:

  • Sorting the workloads in the ClusterQueues.
  • Determining whether a workload can preempt others.

Workload’s priority values are always mutable

The Workload’s Priority field is always mutable. If a Workload has been pending for a while, you can consider updating its priority to execute it earlier, based on your own policies. Workload’s PriorityClassSource and PriorityClassName fields are immutable.

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