Integrate a custom Job with Kueue

Integrate a custom Job with Kueue.

Kueue integrates with a couple of Jobs, including Kubernetes batch Job, MPIJob, RayJob or JobSet.

There are two options for integrating a Job-like CRD with Kueue:

  • As part of the Kueue repository
  • Writing an external controller

This guide is for platform developers and focuses on the first approach. If there is a widely used Job which you would like supported in Kueue, please consider contributing. This page shows how to integrate a custom Job with Kueue.


  1. The custom Job CRD should have a suspend-like field, with semantics similar to the suspend field in a Kubernetes Job.

What you need to specify

  1. Configuration
  2. Controller
  3. Webhook
  4. Adjust build system


Add your framework name to .integrations.frameworks in controller_manager_config.yaml


Add a new folder in ./pkg/controller/jobs/ to host the implementation of the integration.

  1. Register the new framework in func Init()
  2. Add RBAC Authorization using kubebuilder marker comments
    • Add RBAC Authorization for priorityclasses, events, workloads, resourceflavors and any resources you want.
  3. Implement the GenericJob interface, and other optional interfaces defined by the framework.


Create a webhook file in the dedicated directory for the integration.

You can learn how to create webhook in this page.

The framework provides some validation functions for common labels and annotations.

Your webhook should have ability to suspend jobs.

Adjust build system

  1. Add required dependencies to compile the controller and webhook code. For example, using go get

  2. Update Makefile for testing.

    • Add commands which copy the crd of your custom job to the Kueue project.
    • Add your custom job operator crd dependencies into test-integration.

    For testing files, you can check the sample test files in completed integrations to learn how to implement them.

Completed integrations

Here are completed integrations you can learn from:

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