Pending workloads in Status

Obtain the pending workloads in ClusterQueue and LocalQueue statuses.

This page shows you how to monitor pending workloads.

The intended audience for this page are batch administrators.

From version v0.5.0, Kueue provides the ability for a batch administrators to monitor the pipeline of pending jobs, and help users to estimate when their jobs will start.

Before you begin

Make sure the following conditions are met:

  • A Kubernetes cluster is running.
  • The kubectl command-line tool has communication with your cluster.
  • Kueue is installed in version v0.5.0 or later.

Enabling feature QueueVisibility

QueueVisibility is an Alpha feature disabled by default, check the Change the feature gates configuration section of the Installation for details.

Monitor pending workloads

Available in Kueue v0.5.0 and later

To install a simple setup of cluster queue, run the following command:

kubectl apply -f

For example, let’s create 10 jobs in a loop

for i in {1..10}; do kubectl create -f; done

To view the pending workload status, run the following command:

kubectl describe

The output is similar to the following:

  Pending Workloads:  10
  Pending Workloads Status:
    Cluster Queue Pending Workload:
      Name:            job-sample-job-gswhv-afff9
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-v8dwc-ab5b7
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-lrxbj-a9a91
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-dj6nb-e6ef8
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-6hdgw-bb26e
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-2d268-693a7
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-bfkd7-5e739
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-8sbgz-506c6
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-k2bmq-44616
      Namespace:       default
      Name:            job-sample-job-c724j-50fd2
      Namespace:       default
    Last Change Time:  2023-09-28T09:22:12Z

To configure queue visibility, please, follow the instruction how to install Kueue with a custom manager configuration.

The queueVisibility.clusterQueues.maxCount parameter indicates the maximal number of pending workloads exposed in the ClusterQueue status. By default, Kueue will set this parameter to 10. When the value is set to 0, then ClusterQueues visibility updates are disabled.

        maxCount: 0

The queueVisibility.updateIntervalSeconds parameter allows to control the period of snapshot updates after Kueue startup. Defaults to 5s. It also can be changed in Kueue configuration:

      updateIntervalSeconds: 5s

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